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I'm not the best artist but I think I'm pretty good and saying I'm a DL :iconblushplz: it's true and I'm a young girl who likes sonic and likes babies so if you don't like my art I don't want to hear it but if you do enjoy

Random Favourites

Baby Sonic Chapter 6
Amy: Can you get Knuckles while I tuck Sonic into bed?
Edna: Of course.
She walks back into the living room and saw Cream playing with Knuckles.
Knuckles: Let me go! I’m not a toy!
Cream: But I can’t help it! You’re so cute as a baby Knuckles!
Cheese kept on laughing at Knuckles.
Knuckles: Cream!
Edna: Ok. That’s enough you two. It’s time for dinner.
Cream: Ok…but can I at least feed him.
Knuckles: SAY WHAT?!
Edna: It’s up to Amy but I’m sure she’ll say yes.
Cream: Yay!
Cream carried Knuckles to the dinning room to feed him his dinner.
Cream: Maybe I’ll ask Amy to change one of your diapers.
Knuckles: You can forget it! I don’t need to go!
She handed Knuckles to Edna to place him in the highchair.
It took them forever to settle him down long enough to place to plastic tray in front of him.
Edna: Shh! It’s only a chair with a tray in front of it.
Once Knuckles
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Baby Sonic Chapter 7
Sonic drank half way through his milk until he slowly fell asleep but Knuckles only took a few sips of his milk and didn’t fall asleep.
Later on that night after everyone else was asleep Knuckles tried to wake up Sonic by throwing a stuff old teddy bear at Sonic.
Knuckles: Hey Sonic, what do you think when Amy said that she has a little surprise for us tomorrow?
Sonic took one long yawn and gets up to look at Knuckles.
Sonic: I don’t know…but I do know that if I don’t get any sleep I’ll be a cranky hedgehog in the morning.
Knuckles: Fine. See if I care.
They both went back to sleep until the middle of the night Knuckles REALLY had to got to the bathroom.
Knuckles: Oh no!
He was just about to jump out of his crib until he forgot about the bathrooms were far down the hall for where he was and he knew that he couldn’t reach it in time.
So he places his hands between his legs and tried his best to hold it in.
Sadly luck wasn’t on his side tonight.
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Baby Sonic Chapter 8
Cream: Ninety-nine…one hundred! Ready or not! Here I come!
She begins to look around the room and small places that he could hind in but no luck.
Cream: Baby Sonic! Where are you?
Cream and Cheese kept looking that felt like forages until Amy came back into the room while holding Knuckles with his new yellow coat.
Amy: Isn’t he cute?!
Showing Cream Knuckles’ fur.
Cream: He is!
Cheese: Chow!
Amy looks around the room.
Amy: Where’s Sonic?
Cream: Cheese and I are playing Hide and Seek with Sonic.
She sighed a little bit knowing that Sonic tricked her to avoid going to the mall.
Amy: Cream watch over Knuckles while I find Sonic.
Cream: Why?
Amy: Because we’re going to be late if we don’t find him.
Cream: Ok!
She handed Knuckles to Cream.
Amy: Now this time get Knuckles dressed up and DO NOT let him out of your sight.
Cream: Will do!
Amy walks out of the door and began looking for Sonic.
Cream: I’m going to make you look so pretty!
Knuckles: Cream…I
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Baby Sonic Chapter 9
While on the way home Sonic and Knuckles were giving bottles of baby formula and was told to drink as much as they can before their nap time.
Edna parked the car in the garage and helped unload all the stuff from the trunk while Amy unbuckled Sonic and Knuckles out of their car seats to take their afternoon nap.
She tucks them in and checks their diapers one more time.
Amy: Nope! Still dry!
Knuckles: Amy? When are we getting out of these dress and makeup?
Amy: After your baths.
Sonic: A BATH?!
He drops his bottle on the floor and began to squirm a lot to avoid from getting a bath.
Due to the fact that he hated water.
Amy: Relax…I bought some baby floaties for you Sonic.
Sonic: BUT AMY!
Amy: Well I don’t care. If you’re not taking a bath than Knuckles is not getting a bath.
Knuckles: You better get in the tub Sonic…because if you don’t…I’LL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING NIGHTMARE IF I DON’T GET OUT OF THIS DRESS!
Sonic: Fine…I’ll take the stup
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Baby Sonic Chapter 10
After their usual hour nap Amy came back into the room with Cream and Chris.
Amy: Time to get the baby’s diapers on!
Sonic: Five more minutes Amy…
He pulls the cover over head to get more sleep.
Amy: But I want to show Chris and Cream how to change a baby’s diaper.
Sonic: Can Knuckles do it?
Sonic: Fine…I’ll do it…
He pulls the covers out of his face and let Amy carried him to the diaper changing table where he was placed on his back and had his legs lifted up by Amy to show Chris and Cream how to change diapers.
Amy: All done!
She made sure that his tail was sticking out were she poked a hold in the back for him.
Amy: You can finish up your nap now while I get Knuckles’ diaper on.
He just nodded as Amy placed him back into his crib.
Knuckles: I can do it myself.
Amy: I promise Cream I’ll let her change Sonic’s or one of your diapers.
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Baby Sonic Chapter 11
Knuckles had been fed after Sonic and was placed in the same playpen along with him.
Amy: Here’s apple juice for my two angels!
She handed them two bottles of apple juice that was filled to the top with three ice cubes in each of them.
Amy: I’ll let you two drink yourselves this time but I got to burp you both once you’re finished.
Sonic: Ok!
Knuckles: ……………
The phone rings shortly after.
Edna: Amy! Phone!
Amy: Ok! I’ll be right there!
She left the room while Sonic and Knuckles drinking their apple juice.
Amy: Who is it?
Edna: It’s your boss.
Inside Amy’s head: Oh no! I forgot to call in sick for the past two days!
Edna saw Amy sweating a little.
Edna: Are you ok?
Amy: Fine!
She quickly answered.
Amy: May I have the phone please?
Edna: Sure.
She handed the phone to her and left the room to continue cleaning.
Amy: Hello…?
She asked nervously.
Amy: I know…I’m sorry.
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Baby Sonic Chapter 12
While she was strolling to the new daycare building she told Sonic and Knuckles not to talk like they usually do and try to act cute as possible.
They agreed with her on this one seeing it'll be wise not to talk so they wouldn't get caught.
Amy: This must be the place.
She entered in the building and entered the office where she was supposed to fill out some paperwork.
Inside the small room there was a woman that had blue glasses and looked like she was in her early twenty's who was sitting at her desk writing out some papers.
She was thin with her long brown hair in a bun, a blue woman's suit with high heels with a golden nametag on her chest that said: Hello my name is Jill.
Amy: Umm…are you the one who I'm supposed to talk to about letting these two off?
Jill: Yes, my name is Jill. It's a pleasure to meet you.
They shocked hands and let Amy take a seat.
Amy: So what do I fill out?
Jill: Just a few simple questions, nothing hard.
She reached into her desk and pulled out a clipboard w
:iconhexpinteas:hexpinteas 50 47
Baby Sonic Chapter 13
(Shadow fan girls start screaming for this next part.)
Stephanie walked away leaving Knuckles and Sonic to play.
Knuckles: I hate this.
Sonic: Shh! I don’t want to get caught!
Knuckles: Not if we whisper.
Sonic: Good point.
Knuckles: As I was saying…I hate this.
Sonic: I agree…I miss running, collecting rings, beating up Eggman and all the other things I’ve done.
Knuckles: Speaking of Doctor Eggman, where is he?
Meanwhile at Doctor Eggman’s secret base.
Eggman: Hmm…G.U.N. is really putting a heavy-duty security on the town so I couldn’t attack it so easily.
He leans back into his chair and starts thinking.
Eggman: I got it! If my ray gun worked on Sonic than those stupid G.U.N. forces won’t know what will hit them! In matter of fact I’ll make it a hundred times bigger!
He jumps out of his chair and goes to his lab to start making another ray gun that “killed” Sonic.
Back at daycare.
Sonic: He’s probably thinking of a way to de
:iconhexpinteas:hexpinteas 63 214
Baby Sonic Chapter 14
An hour later Shadow was waking up from the blast he took from Eggman earlier that afternoon.
He looks around and saw the bars around him.
The first thing that came to his mind was: “I’m in jail!”
He grabs the bars and shakes them to get someone to hear him.
Oddly enough the bars were hollow and made out of hard plastic.
Shadow looks around again and notices he wasn’t alone…
He sees a small foot sticking out of a small purple blanket so out of curiosity he pulls back the blanket and saw a little baby blue hedgehog in diapers and sleeping his day away.
At first he thought is was Sonic but shortly after he tosses the idea and went back to thinking of another way out.
But his mind came shortly to a stop when the baby hedgehog woke up.
Sonic: Amy…? Is that you…? Is it dinner time…?
He said as he slowly got up while rubbing his eye.
Shadow: SONIC?!
Sonic: SHADOW?!
Shadow: ME
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Baby Sonic Chapter 15
Amy just finished up dinner and looked at Shadow.
Amy: Ready to get changed and be a good boy now?
Shadow crossed his arms and stared at the floor.
Shadow: Fine…
He said simply to her.
Amy: Good!
She took him out of his highchair and laid him on the diaper changing table.
Shadow: How does this work?
Amy: You just relax and leave it to me.
Shadow sighed a bit and let her do her job.
She only took three minutes with him until he was completely clean down there.
Amy: See Shadow? Doesn’t it feel good to be clean?
Shadow just crossed his arms again and ignored her.
Amy: Fine…I’ll just feed you three your dinner.
She placed him in a playpen with Sonic.
Amy: I want you two to be good while I’m feeding Knuckles, deal?
They nodded.
Amy: Good.
She places Knuckles into a wooden highchair in the other room and starts feeding him.
Shadow: So how did you and Knucklehead get turned into toddlers?
Sonic explained the story, both his and Knuckles’.
Shadow: Humph. You guys
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Baby Sonic Chapter 16
Sonic and Knuckles couldn’t stop giggling when Shadow was fed his bottle of milk.
Amy: Stop laughing you two or I’ll leave you all in messy diapers.
They instantly stop laughing and continued drinking their own bottles try to look cute for her.
Amy: That’s more like it.
She places the half empty bottle on the counter and lifted Shadow over her shoulder.
He was confused on what was going on.
Shadow: Amy? What are you doin-burp!
Amy lifts him up in the air as soon as he finished his burp.
Amy: All better!
He just glared at her.
Amy: Shadow I just want to be friends until we get you all fixed up. So can we be friends until Tails fixes the gun and reverse all this?
Shadow looked away for a moment and told her fine.
Amy: Good. It’ll make things a lot easier for all of us.
She tucked all three of them into their cribs and turned off the TV.
(Shadow and Sonic had to share one for the time being.)
Amy: Shadow I have to wake you up about an hour earlier than Sonic or Knuckle
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Baby Sonic Chapter 17
Stephanie: Hello there Sharma! I’m your daycare friend and we’re going to have a wonderful time!
Her perky attitude made Shadow want to put a bullet to his head.
Stephanie: It’s really early for little babies like yourselves let put you three down for a nap.
Shadow just pouted and let Stephanie put him down for a nap.
About half an hour passed by when they were put down in the cribs.
Sonic and Knuckles were fast asleep while Shadow felt a kind of pressure in his belly.
Shadow: ‘Please no!’
He yelled to himself inside his head as he places his hands between his legs.
Quickly he thought to himself where to go to the bathrooms without using the diaper like a real two year old.
Shadow looks around fast and saw the lady’s room was open just enough for him to squeeze through.
He was kind of worried if someone saw him they might kick him out.
But there was no time to waste his mind was made up.
So he jumps out of the crib and crawl inside of the bathrooms making
:iconhexpinteas:hexpinteas 54 88
Baby Sonic Chapter 18
Shadow finished his plans by lunch time.
He was about to put it into action when Stephanie came over and picked him up.
Stephanie: Lunch time!
Shadow tried to escape from her grasp.
Stephanie: Sharma!
Shadow just pouted.
Stephanie: Be a good girl please.
She sat Shadow in a highchair while Sonic and Knuckles were in their cribs waiting for their turn.
Stephanie tried to tie a bib around Shadow’s neck but he wouldn’t stop moving.
Stephanie: Sharma settle down!
She was eventually able to get the bib on him but Shadow refused to eat a single bite from her.
Stephanie: Sharma…please eat. Here comes the choo-choo!
She thought playing a game would help him eat.
But Shadow kept his mouth shut.
Stephanie: Fine. Let’s play it the bad girl way.
She removed one of her shoes and starts tickling his foot.
He tries to resist with every fiber of his being but he couldn’t hold it in.
Shadow starts to laugh really hard.
Stephanie: Got ya!
She slips the baby food into his mouth.
:iconhexpinteas:hexpinteas 54 75
Baby Sonic Chapter 26
Knuckles starts sucking away but he did kind of care if he did looked a toddler by drinking out of the bottle.
Cream: I wanna feed the baby his milk Mommy!
She said as she tugged on her mother’s dress.
Vanilla: Cream dear we went over this, Knuckles is not ready yet to be fed by a child, he like it when grown-ups feed him.
Cream: But mommy!
Vanilla: Hmm…
She looks at the bottle and sees it was a quarter away from finishing.
Vanilla: Ok sweetheart, but be very careful. He’s very fragile.
Cream: Thanks mommy!
Knuckles: No!
But Vanilla ignored him as she handed him to Cream.
Cream: Open up Knuckles! Time for milk!
He starts squirming trying to get away from her.
Cream: Knuckles please…
She looked like she was about to cry as Knuckles was still squirming.
Knuckles hated being treated with no say while being treated like a toddler but he always hated to see a girl cry.
Knuckles: Fine…………
Cream: Yay!
She held him just right; not to close so he can brea
:iconhexpinteas:hexpinteas 51 85
Baby Sonic Chapter 27
Amy started cooking dinner after they were gone.
She was making sweet mashed potatoes with sweet peas and cooked chicken.
Sonic loved the smell coming from the kitchen and gotten really hungry wondering when it was going to be finished.
Sonic: Amy? When’s diner?
Amy: Very shortly.
Sonic: Ok.
Dinner was finished and sat up the plates for them.
She put them in new blows that kept the food separated.
Amy even bought them plastic forks and spoons so they can feed them selves.
Knuckles was the first one for dinner.
She thought it’ll be nice if he was fed first since his little moment with Shadow.
Amy hoped that the new highchair and plastic silverware would up a smile on his face but he just looked down at his chicken cut-ups, peas, and at his sweet potatoes.
Amy: Would you like me to feed you?
She finally asked.
Knuckles moaned a bit.
She took that as a ‘yes’ and fed him by hand like she used to.
He only ate half his dinner when she knew he had enough for the night.
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Baby Sonic Chapter 28
Chuck: No need to lie about getting change Shadow. It’s ok to have accidents at this age.
Shadow squirmed around to free himself from Chuck’s grip as he was picked up and sent back to the lab to get changed.
Sonic: Well look at the bright side Knuckles. Shadow’s gone for about five minutes so we’re at peace until then.
Knuckles: Five minutes is like an hour for peace without Shadow.
They both had a quick laugh.
Meanwhile in the lab.
Chuck: Hold still Shadow! You were a good boy when we did those tests!
Shadow: This is different! I should even be in diapers! Let alone a toddler!
Chuck: Tails! Help!
Tails quickly ran up and held Shadow down to the metal table as Chuck was removing the yellow tapes.
Shadow: LET GO!!!
He kicked and screamed as much as he could as he was getting cleaned up.
Chuck: Stop it right now young man or Amy will hear about this!
Shadow would normally would say ‘What?! You don’t have the guts to do it yourself?!’ or ‘I fear no
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